123 SOLEIL (Red Light Green Light 123)

360° interactive immersive short film about free will – 2016 - 8 min

written and directed by Arnault Labaronne in collaboration with Anne-Marie Van Dongen, David Bihan and Valérian Denis – produced by Honkytonk Films / Wonda VR – with the support of INA and Digital District - made in the frame of the “48h VR film jam” in partnership with “Le Forum des Images”

Everyone remembers to have played this game one day... Browse the life of a man for whom this child's game ended up associated with his best and worst memories...

with Lara Bouvet and the kids Amalia, Anastasia, Colette, Loïs, Louison, Roméo and Vadim – camera Valérian Denis, David Bihan – digital effects David Sapyyapi – sound recording Anne-Marie Van Dongen – sound editing Valérian Denis – authoring Anne-Marie Van Dongen

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