LE BON COUP (Hard Blow)

Fiction short film about casual homophobia – 2005 - 11 min – visa 112107

directed by Arnault Labaronne - written by Deborah Cohen Tanugi and Arnault Labaronne - produced by Antiprod with the support of Pink TV

Elsa arrives to Oliver. She is ready to be seduced. But what he wants her to do is far much more exciting...

Broadcasted on Pink TV, TV Espagne - Released on DVD in the Courts mais Gay series (Tome 8) and as a featurette with Les Filles ne savent pas nager by Anne-Sophie Birot

with Deborah Cohen Tanugi, Frank Geney, Loïc Blanco, Maria Devers – producer Patrick Maurin – assistant director Tristan Frontier – script supervisor Alexandra Vérien - director of photography Christophe Grelié – camera operator François Tilles – focus-puller Sabine Cipolla, Christine Mignard – gaffer Frédéric Chevrier – steadycamer Philippe Bordelais - sound engineer Nicolas Volte – boom operator Xavier Pretre – set designer Fanny Fallourd - assistants set designer Liazid Messad, Alexis Gauyat, Louie Salto – make up Fanny Fallourd – storyboarder Bertrand Hée – still photographer Flavien Larderet, Damien Watson - making of Flavien Larderet – editor and credits Laurenzo Massoni – color grading Jean Ousmane – sound editing Dorian Darcourt – mixing Vincent Cosson – original score Robert Mouyren – lyrics Léo de Vile – singers Deborah Cohen Tanugi, Arnault Labaronne – production manager Véronique Lamarche - production accounting Stéphane Rouault - DVD edition Samuel Coraux, Audrey Bartolo – graphic and web design Mykeul M

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