Thriller feature film shot entirely with a cell phone – 2006 - 80 min

directed by Arnault Labaronne - written by Arnault Labaronne and Caroline Gerdolle – produced by IdeAL Film Prod – made for the Pocket Films Festival organized by the Forum des Images

A cell phone is the only eyewitness to a terrible drama...

Far from friends and family, Caroline is held captive and must survive thanks only to her videophone. An unprecedented film told entirely through her incoming and outgoing calls...

Screened at the Centre Pompidou during the Pocket Films Festival

with Caroline Gerdolle, Patrick Mimoun, Marie Février, Alanis Berthelot-Labaronne, Deborah Cohen Tanugi, Séverine Broussy, Tanya Lopez Sierra, Karine Pinoteau, Diane Dassigny, Samuel Ganes, Candice Nechitch, Anita Lewton, Julie Labaronne, Caroline Sol, Cécile Calvet, Grégory Granier, Loïc Blanco, Anthony Hallot, Sylvia Whitman, Manuel Pirès, Vincent Lehoux, S. Van H., Jo Pereira – original score Jo & Liv of Nu Planet – editor Yannick Haennel – sound editing Dorian Darcourt – assistant director S. Van H. – make up Anne Caramagnol

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